2011-07-17 -- So Flagstaff!

Roadside Hip-Pocket Shots update: Some of my recent photos and Facebook posts (in reverse order) that speak volumes about life in Flagstaff.

The Highland Celtic Festival, with one of the Wicked Tinkers drummers letting some of the audience play along with him. These kids were covered in oatmeal, I think. The girl got one of her mom's shoes and joined in on the drum One of the boys had a shirt that said “I'm so cute I must be Irish.” Yes, very cute indeed!

A yellow Columbine kissing the sun during a gap in the monsoons.

The Speakeasy, with a smooth jazz band joining the piano player. Hairy Navels on special, and just send an order through the secret “bookshelf”door if you want something to eat with your fancy cocktails.

Phave-1 (Pseudo-amphibious Human-powered Assault Vehicle Experiment - 1st prototype). R&D Phase 1 - It's gonna be a surprise, but my ancestors would be proud -- or frightened. :) I'll let you know more later, if the design turns out to be feasible. This shot is me loading up on parts at Home Cheapo to experiment with. Have to do ...the whole project human-powered if I can. Gots lots of frightened looks from car drivers as I rode home with this. Appropriate. Beware, ye mundanes of Flagstaff! Something fishy is happening in Denmark! ;) (Okay, that was a big hint, especially when combined with the project name.)

Lowell ground cover springs to life with the summer monsoons!

The Monsoons started here today! Lighting and thunder... Yay! And here's a little yella fella at NAU waivin his fins in the "air" like he just don't care. :)

Death by Bark Beetle
Death by Drought
Made beautiful by a clear blue sky

Another neighbor who is happy about the approaching monsoon season. The humidity is rising, the temperature is dropping... It's only a matter of time! :)

Reaching for rain... I got a dozen or so sprinkles on my walk home from work, then it stopped. Come on, Monsoons! (C'mon-soon!) Can I get a rain dance here?

Called the best view in Flagstaff, this will be the view from the new Science Conference Center on Mars Hill if Lowell builds it as currently planned.

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